Funds supported by our parishioners and benefactors:

  1. Offertory: Maintains the running of the parish and the completion of our mission to evangelize.
  2. Annual Pastoral Appeal: Supports our communal missionary efforts as a Diocese. This is also referred to as APA.
  3. Ongoing Maintenance Fund: Maintains the upkeep and renovations of our parish buildings and equipment.
  4. The Christ the King School Foundation Fund: A fund set aside in order to establish an endowment for the development of Christ the King Catholic School.
  5. Christ the King Pride Scholarship
  6. St. Vincent De Paul Society: Taken up on the third Sunday of the month.
  7. Continuing the Vision Campaign
  8. Mass Intentions – Weekday and Weekend
  9. Candles in the Chapel
  10. Flowers in the Sanctuary
  11. Bulletin Advertising
  12. Carnival Advertising
  13. Wills & Bequests: The correct wording for remembering Christ the King Catholic Church in your will is: “Robert N. Lynch, as Bishop of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, a Corporation Sole, for the benefit of Christ the King Catholic Church, Tampa, FL.”
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