Religious Education Roles

It takes many people, working together in many ways, for the parish religious education program to work well. Your volunteer commitment might be long‑term or one‑time, but everyone’s participation is valuable. Here are brief descriptions of volunteer roles you might consider:

CATECHISTS… Are responsible for planning, teaching and managing a class of children for a weekly period of one hour and thirty minutes.  Use several kinds of teaching media and methods, including SmartBoard (files, internet, DVD, board work), verbal presentation/discussion, text, activities, student-student interaction, etc.  Requires Safe Environment training and Fingerprinting.

ASSISTANTS… Help the Catechists in all teaching activities, at all class sessions.  Help to manage children in various class activities.  Might substitute for the catechist.  Requires Safe Environment training and Fingerprinting.

SUBSTITUTES… Take the role of a Catechist for one or a few class sessions.  Contact the catechist to discuss the events of the class substituted for.  Requires Safe Environment training and Fingerprinting.

OFFICE WORKERS… Assist the Coordinators by managing the office during a particular class session.  Answer the telephone and take messages.  May assist catechists in making copies, obtaining supplies, etc.

The goal of all catechesis is connecting faith to life and life to faith.

Ongoing, lifelong religious formation is the collaborative effort of the domestic church (the family), the local church (the parish) and the whole church.

Parents are the first and foremost educators of their children.

If you wish to participate, have a question, or want more information, call 813-870-2509

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