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Baptizing Your Child

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit…”     – Matthew 28:19-20


Congratulations on the birth of your child! We at Christ the King Catholic Church are so pleased that you are desirous of having your baby Baptized. The Baptism of your child provides an opportunity to examine your own Christian life and spirituality. You are saying that you want to share your living Catholic Christian faith with your child; this is a serious commitment to raise your child within the community of believers and to educate them in the truths of the Catholic faith.

We are blessed with a large parish at Christ the King. Because of this, Baptisms are generally scheduled about three months out. Please do not delay! You can get this process started early.

To Schedule a Baptism

STEP 1:  Register as a parishioner of Christ the King (if you have not done so yet). New Parishioners are invited to participate in weekly Mass for a minimum of 3 months prior to scheduling a Baptism. If you are not currently registered as a parishioner of Christ the King (or if you are not sure), please contact our main office 813.876.5841 and ask to register with the parish.


STEP 2:  Complete Baptism request form. Please type or print clearly. Return the completed form to Marty Kelly at

Click Here for Baptism Request Form (PDF)

Click Here for Baptism Request Form (Excel)


STEP 3:  Once the first two steps have been completed, please contact Marty Kelly to schedule the Baptism. Please note that the Baptism WILL NOT BE CONFIRMED until all steps have been completed (receiving the Baptism registration form, Godparent eligibility forms, and one parent and Godparents have attended the class).


STEP 4:  Complete Godparent paperwork. You must choose at least one godparent for the child.  The Church will allow up to a total of 2 Godparents- one male and one female.

If two are chosen, one must be Catholic.  The second may be either another Catholic OR a Baptized Christian of another denomination may serve as a Christian Witness.

The Catholic godparent must be fully initiated into the Church and practicing his or her faith by attending Mass regularly, receiving Holy Communion and being a registered member of a parish.

If the chosen Godparent(s) is not registered at Christ the King parish, a letter from the godparent’s parish that confirms he or she is in good standing in the parish or a completed Godparent eligibility form is required.

CLICK HERE for Godparent Eligibility Form


STEP 5:  Attend a REBORN Baptismal preparation class. Parents and Godparents are required to take this course. Click here to learn more about our REBORN baptism class series. Please RSVP by emailing with your name/s and the class you plan to attend. Parents and Godparents may attend the class at another Catholic Church, then provide a certificate of attendance to our office.


Once all steps have been completed and all forms received, the Baptism date will be confirmed.

For More Information:
Marty Kelly,  Adult Formation & Evangelization Coordinator

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